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This oil is a blend of Baobab oil, Rose hip oil and Grapeseed oil infused with Jasmine and rose flower with light scent of Jasmine fragrance.


Very light, it penetrate the skin and doesn't leave it greazy. Perfect for summer time. 


Put a spell on youself by using it intentionally during your "love or treat yourself" routine or share it during a play date with your lover. Jasmine is known to attract love, use it wisely!





  • 15 Benefits of Baobab Oil For Your Skin and Hair
    • 1. Oil Cleansing
    • 2. Healing Massage
    • 3. Greaseless Moisturizing
    • 4. Rejuvenation of Skin Cells
    • 5. Restoration and Production of Collagen
    • 6. Skin Nourishing
    • 7. Eye Serum
    • 8. Balancing Skin Oil Production
    • 9. Anti-Inflammation
    • 10. Sensitive Scalp Soothe
    • 11. Glossy Hair
    • 12. Reduction of Stretch Marks
    • 13. Insulation
    • 14. Healing
    • 15. Chapped Lips



Jasmine Spell body or massage oil/8oz

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